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Gear Box Oil change (GBOC) is a mobile change-out service company for wind turbine gearboxes.

Gearbox failures account for the largest amount of down time, and the highest priced piece of equipment in a wind turbine to replace, up to $500,000.00.

For wind farm managers, this makes wind turbine gearbox maintenance a very high priority. This is why it is vital that oil changes for wind turbine gearboxes be done the right way with the right equipment.

Unfiltered oil is a major source of contamination whether it be new oil, flush oil, or rinse oil, we filter all three. Our inline magnets help to identify problems with your gearboxes, both on the used and flush lines. Our units can do oil changes to oil conversions depending on your needs. Keep your gearboxes working longer and send your questions to

Features and benefits

Fully enclosed trailers with heaters.
On board 4-7 micron absolute filters with individual filtration for eack tank, new, flush, and rinse to avoid cross contamination. (filtration depending on oil type and manufacturers specifications)
Oil temperature control for those cold days up north. Our heaters are Not electric emmersion heaters that can potentially damage your oil !!
Online particle counter for new oil .

3 separate lines, and 4 separate tanks- used, new, flush and rinse, again lets avoid cross contamination.
In-line magnets on used and flush lines.
Multiple units for single or larger wind farms.
We do basic oil changes to level III oil conversions.
We use advanced Donaldson filtration down to ISO 4406 standards-down to 4um absolute.


Fully enclosed trailers with heaters    Online particle counter for new oil    In-lin magnets on used and flush lines

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